Onyx Pro410 1kg

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  • [Empowering Prosumers] Phrozen releases resin for the prosumer market.
  • [Great Engineering Capabilities] Phrozen Onyx Rigid Pro410 comes with great engineering capabilities for DIY makers and those who prefer a hands-on approach to solve everyday problems.
  • [Precise & Rigid] Onyx Rigid Pro410 is strong and doesn’t sacrifice the precision capabilities; users can still print strong models with great details.
  • [For DIY Makers] Onyx Rigid Pro410 expands use cases from conventional miniature & jewelry-making to more exciting applications such as storage organizers, laptop stands, grocery bag holders, and more.
  • [Tabletop Gaming] Great for printing tabletop gaming miniatures as 3D models are made to be long-lasting and can be used for months without breakage.