New to Resin Printing: Here is what you need!

New to Resin Printing: Here is what you need!

If you are thinking about getting into resin printing, there might be a few items to consider that usually don't come with a resin printer.

List of materials & tools needed:

  • Resin Printer
    • Printer with power supply
    • Build plate & metal scraper 
    • Resin vat & plastic vat scraper
  • Resin material
    • Standard
    • Water Washable
    • Tough
  • Resin Filter - if your printer is idle, resin should be filtered and stored away.
  • Resin Funnel - most that come with the printer are too small for your resin bottles
  • Safety Gear
    • Safety Eye Glasses
    • Rubber/Latex Gloves 
  • Isopropyl for cleaning up print area 
  • Isopropyl for cleaning washing prints
  • Silicone mat for print area
  • Small Level - Resin printers should be level
  • UV oven or light - A UV LED light strip and some mirrors are a great diy option but there are more professional options as well.
  • USB/SD Card for printer to read digital files from
  • Slicer Software: PC with recommended slicer software installed - PZSlice or Chitubox 
  • Modeling Software: SketchUp, Fusion 360 or other CAD modelling software - this optional, plenty of free models to be "sliced" for printing.

Once you have acquired all the nessecary equipment, there will be a a setup and configuration required for your printer and post process materials that may be required. We will be provide this information in one of our upcoming articles.

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